• Beauty Live 2014 at Galleria Dallas

    This year was my first time attending Beauty Live at Galleria Dallas and I had the best time! From hearing beauty gurus share their favorite products and secrets to product demos and tutorials, I knew I I was bound to discover something new. Here's a recap of my beauty-filled weekend!


    11AM: Experty Beauty Panel

    The first session of the day was a panel discussion moderated by Galleria Dallas Fashion + Beauty Stylist, Holly Quartaro. 

    (L-R) Holly Quartaro, Steve Kemble, Barbara Adelglass, Ryan Thomas, Tai Beauchamp, and Courtney Kerr

    1PM: Courtney Kerr's Favorite Things

    I just knew I had to sit in on this session since Courtney Kerr is a blogger, and I love to learn about new products and tips from other bloggers. Courtney brought 30 of her must-have beauty products and shared them with the audience (literally shared them). Thanks to this presentation, I just might reconsider the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette...but I need to try the pillow mists from Bath and Body Works. I didn't even know that existed!

    Courtney Kerr + her MUA talking about why her favorite products are so worth it

    2PM: Macy's Spring Must Haves

    I originally reserved a seat for this session, but the gorgeous new Belk lured me away! I was able to catch this one halfway through, but there are now Estee Lauder skincare products that have made it on my list!

    3PM: Belk presents Modern. Southern. Beauty

    After seeing the expert beauty panel, I could not wait to hear from some of the same gurus and some fresh faces to the stage. This session was moderated by the lovely Tai Beauchamp (my new inspiration in life) and I just couldn't get over how perfect her outfit was!

    The Belk panel!

    5PM: Sephora presents Re(Marc)able Beauty

    The Marc Jacobs beauty line has been out for about eight months now and I can say from experience that the products are amazing! I bought the Genius Gel Foundation last August and loved it. Sephora Senior Artist, Dustin Svatek, and Marc Jacobs Beauty Education Specialist, Tiana Luckett, showed us some re(marc)able looks using products from the entire line down to the brushes, which give such a gorgeous airbrushed finish!

    DAY TWO 

    2PM: Nordstrom Beauty Stylists

    Of course, I had to attend my favorite department store's session. I love Nordy's, and they're always on point with their beauty presentations. My love for Nordstrom is just unreal. I attended their Beauty Trend Show last month and had an absolute blast. I think they covered almost every prestige cosmetic line they carry, and every product Karen DeLauro (regional beauty manager) talked about is definitely worth buying! The dapper fellow working on the Pretty Striking look below is Stevie Beacham -- I consulted with him on my birthday weekend in November to figure out my winter beauty routine, and he worked a miracle. You must request him when you visit the Galleria Nordstrom!  

    Stevie and Paula of Nordstrom Galleria showing us a fresh and clean look with a flush of color. 

    3PM: Lush Presents Handmade Beauty

    Kicking off the last session of Beauty Live 2014 were our wonderful hosts, Steve Kemble and Holly Quartaro. 

    LUSH! I've been using Lush Cosmetics for years now and it's so incredibly addicting. Each one of their products are handmade and made from natural and organic ingredients. We got to learn more about their facial masks (which are amazing) and how their products give back to the community!

    Freshly made Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask straight from the blender. It has real chunks of blueberries in it, too!

    The manager of the Galleria Lush store came with the bowl of fresh face masks for everyone to see up close. My favorites are the Catastophe Cosmetic and Cupcake (smells just like chocolate) face masks! 

    The oh so chic Beauty Hub

    I waited until all of the Beauty Live sessions were done for the weekend before I purchased the products on my list. I was pretty pooped after walking around the Galleria for two days straight, so I decided to check out the Beauty Hub which was gorgeous. Everything was beautifully designed to reflect spring!

    It takes a lot of discipline to only make a few purchases when great incentives are involved. I plopped down for a moment to turn in my Beauty Passport -- hopefully I win the sweepstakes! *crossing my fingers*

    These flowers are so pretty and add so much life to the atmosphere!

    The Beauty Live mailbox overflowing with programs for the weekend's events

    My selfie at the Beauty Hub! 

    This past month has been completely beauty-filled, and I've enjoyed every moment! It's always fun learning about new products (and buying them). I'm super glad that I had the opportunity to attend Beauty Live for the first time this year and can't wait for next year! 

    Just a few of the products I picked up. I'm really excited about the Let The Good Times Roll facial cleanser from Lush -- been scoping it for months

  • Beauty Review | Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

    I just finished celebrating my one year blogiversary in March and I decided it was time to change things up a bit with The Fashion Geek. I did a complete face lift and got a new domain home, but I thought it was time I added a new medium to the mix! I attempted blogging three times unti it worked, so I'm hoping this third time attempting YouTube will be a charm as well. 

    Every girl wants those celebrity red carpet lashes that are almost unbelievably voluminous and long! The best thing about this product is that you don't have to dump your mascara for a new one -- simply use this set of the Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes to enhance your lashes. I'd been hearing a little bit about Younique products on the web, so I was excited to try one of the products and see what this buzz is all about. Check out my review and application tutorial!

    A selfie I took wearing the 3D Fiber Lashes!

    Special thanks to one of my Facebook fans for sending me this set to try out and review! You can purchase your set here, or check out the rest of the Younique products here.

  • Macy's Campus Tour: North Texas Final Four OOTD

    I can't believe it's the final week of the Macy's Campus Tour! This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 North Texas Final Four which I am so grateful for. I'll admit - I'm not the biggest sports person, but I had the most fun and it seems that this little fashionista may have sparked an interest in the sport of basketball! 

    Of course no matter where I go, I must look cute. I don't care if I'm just running to the dry cleaners - looking decent is not an option. My idea of throwing on jeans and a t-shirt is a bit different than most.

    I picked out this super cute Jessica Simpson dotted swiss pullover (which is no longer available) at Macy's last month and have probably worn it too many times, but I love it more than I can express! 

    Outside the stadium before the game. So exciting!

    Jessica Simpson French graphic pullover + Rich & Skinny jeans + Decree studded crossbody

    I've been able to style this top SO many different ways over the past month and this is just one of them. And I've received countless compliments on it's bejeweled letters!  My favorite way to style this top was to wear it with a pop of color. Here, I'm wearing skinny jeans in a hue of the Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. You must have at least one Radiant Orchid basic this year!

    It was a very basic outfit, but it was perfect for a casual event! 

    The Spin and Win game is over now, but still download the Macy's app! Check out my last blog post to see how it saved me so much time with such a packed schedule this semester! #macyscampustour

    *This post is sponsored by Macy's mstylelab. All opinions are my own. 

  • Nespresso + Fashion Talk with Tim Gunn

    There's nothing better than sitting in a quaint little coffee shop catching up with your girlfriends during a trip to the mall. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending Nespresso's opening event at NorthPark Center in Dallas hosted by fashion extraordinaire and Project Runway host, Tim Gunn. You can go ahead and "fangirl" now because I definitely I did! I'm very new to the Nespresso brand and coffee altogether, but the experience will, without a doubt, keep me returning for more. 

    After fighting the traffic on the highways, we finally arrived just before the presentation. Here's a glimpse of the coffee boutique where you can sip on coffee and chat it up, or browse the high-tech machines and flavors for your at-home experience.

    I seriously could not believe my eyes - Tim Gunn was standing in my presence to speak about the Nespresso culture which he loves so much. And honestly, I think he's one of the most genuine brand ambassadors I've heard talk about a product.

    There are dozens of flavors of coffees and espressos to choose from, and the capsules from the original line are displayed on this huge wall behind the barista counter. It was so fun to hear which was everyone's favorite! I can't wait to try them all.

    Nespresso machines are some of the most innovative I've seen. It seems like everyone has a Keurig, which I love, but this machine is so high-tech that there are barcodes around the circumference of the capsules which customizes the recipe specifically for cup size, rotational speed, temperature, flow rate, and the time the water is in contact with the coffee. I was absolutely blown away!

    Here's the new VertuoLine machine ($299/SRP) which is available in red, chrome, and black. You can purchase them straight from the Nespresso website and flagship boutiques, or from your favorite Macy's, Bloomingdale's, and William-Sonoma. 

    These are the Nespresso espresso glasses with spoons that you can purchase to enhance the world-class coffee tasting experience. I must buy a set!

    My best friend, Mariah, stirring the crema (thick, frothy layer) into her hazelino coffee.

    You can buy these sweet treats to nibble on as you sip on your coffee. The macarons are made with love by Bisous Bisous Patisserie in Dallas!

    My vanizio coffee + the mini crabcake hors d'eouvres that I could not get enough of.

    I'm pretty sure this is going to be my new spot for meetings and chatting it up with friends! The atmosphere is perfect. The only interesting thing about Nespresso is that is is definitely an experience - it's not your sip-and-go type of coffee boutique. You sip and enjoy the ambiance.

    And of course, I had to take a shot with the Tim Gunn! He was so enthusiastic about the Nespresso brand and personable amongst the guests - Tim really knows how to work a room. He and I talked about the lack of color in the Spring 2014 collections of designers (perhaps the black and white trend is a bit too overused this season) and how fabulous a Nordstrom location would be in New York City! He is hands down, the best fashion figure I've met so far.

    A special thank you to the Weber Shandwick team for inviting me to the event!

  • Sneak Peek at Dallas Market Center | The Show [Part Two}

    So here's part two of Sneak Peek at the Dallas Market Center from last week (check out part one first)! After our tour of the showrooms, we got to enjoy the fashion show with all of the buyers and representatives. Most people think of fashion shows and the industry in general being so glamorous, which it can be, but there really are serious decisions being made! These are only some of my photos from the show -- I couldn't have possibly loaded them all. Enjoy! 

    Isn't this the cutest table décor? I sat down for a glass of champagne before the show started and I mistakened the sea of pink taffy for decorative rocks. When I realized it was candy, I didn't hesistate to grab a nice handful! 

    It looks like light pinks aren't just a springtime trend this year! We're going to see a lot of mixtures of feminine pinks with edgy dark tones.

    For the past few seasons we've seen traditional boudaries of mixing denims being broken. Denim grunge looks like it's here to stay for fall!

    Clashing prints and textures is going to be a definite trend. Whether it's classic or a bit edgy, this trend can be styled in so many ways. This chick was my favorite model -- possibly because of her natural hair. She had on some of the most edgy outfits during the entire show! 

    In 2013, we saw a lot of metallics which was one of my favorite trends. Now it's back for 2014!

    I've been following the grey trend since 2012 when it was first forecasted, and I'm so happy to see it's finally popping up in designers' collections (I didn't really see too much of it last season). It's one of my favorites because I believe grey is the perfect alternative to black. 

    And there you have it! That was my day at the Dallas Market Center for Sneak Peek. I had a great time meeting other Dallas bloggers and seeing which trends are going to be in some of my favorite stores next season!

    I love the stormy grey trend! Which trends are you looking forward to for Fall 2014?

  • Sneak Peek at Dallas Market Center | The Tour [Part One]

    Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Sneak Peek at the Dallas Market Center guided by the lovely Dallas lifestyle blogger, Cynthia Smoot of Oh So Cynthia! A handful of Dallas' fashion and lifestyle bloggers had the opportunity to preview the fall collections of some very well-known designers and brands. I toured the market center once before, but that was almost 3 years ago on a intro course class tour and not nearly as extensive as this one!

    We got to preview the Autumn 2014 Catherine Malandrino collection, and I loved it! There are going to be a lot of unique textures on the racks with even more color. It was so interesting to see some of the brands I've worked so closely with in the retail industry!

    An almost full spread of the Lafayette 148 collection. The collection focused on the season in earthtones.

    Representative for Lafayette 148 showing us this gorgeous plaid-printed goose feather down coat for those lower temperatures. Big coats and toppers in bold prints and colors are going to be a hot item this Winter.

    You must have at least a few pairs of jeans in your closet -- a good pair of blue jeans is essential. Embellishments and details were present in the spring collections, and will carry over to fall. We took a peek at Miss Me jeans to see what denim trends would bring and embellished pockets are back!

    I was SO excited to see North Texas alum, Shirin Askari in one of the showrooms with her fabulous line, Askari! If you didn't know, Shirin Askari was a contestant on the sixth season of Project Runway and graduated from my college. It makes me happy to see that people from my school have been so successful in the industry! 

    Vegan leather bags from the Ritz Group Showroom. This showroom was probably one of my favorites!

    Absolutely loved this line with the large floral prints. And I am dying to have this romper! 

    Laser-cut leather dress with nude lining.

    Tracy Reese -- her collections are always perfection and full of vibrant patterns, colors, and textures. That red graphic floral dress has my name writtel all over it!

    There's the inside on my Dallas Market Center showroom tour! I had the best time (and the drinks were tasty, too). It was amazing being able to see more showrooms than I did on my first visit and during the first day of market! There were so many buyers and representatives in action carefully selecting what we'll be seeing in stores like Neiman Marcus very soon. Stay tuned for my next post with photos from the fashion show!