What's In My Bag? | College Edition

This post is sponsored by Target. As always, the content was completely curated by me and all opinions and thoughts are my own. *Some products are only available in Target stores*

Whether you'll be a college freshman this year or you're returning as a senior, grabbing some new items for campus is a must. Last week, I headed over to Target to gather some of my top items that I believe every fashionable girl should have in her tote!

1. Reversible Tote Bag: I always tell my readers that grey is an amazing alternative to black. Many girls tend to subconsciously gravitate towards black clothing and accessories because it makes them feel comfortable, but definitely switch it up! I love this tote from Target because I can quickly lighten up my outfits by flipping it to the light grey. Easily go from fall to spring without having to buy another bag!

2. Lexar 16GB TwistTurn USB: Besides your laptop and nest of chargers, don't forget to grab a USB flash drive. This is so helpful for saving the notes you take or "carrying" those massive papers and projects!
3. myCharge portable phone charger: One of the worst things to see while you're texting during your longest day on campus is the pinwheel of death! Don't let your phone die. This basically serves as an extra battery that you can charge with your computer at night.
4. Sony in-ear headphones: Music is the best medicine. If I don't feel like talking or I'm just super focused on studying, I'll plug my ears and turn up the beats. It's a plus if they're cute, too!

5-10. The Refreshers: Aside from makeup for touchup during my lengthy days, I must have these items in my tote at all times! Tampons, minty gum, hand sanitizer -- don't leave home without these. I hate ever being on campus with dehydrated lips or ashy skin, so I always have lip balm and lotion...but my favorite item is deodorant. Walking around campus (especially in Texas) can get a pretty sweaty and you want to make sure you're smelling fresh all day. There's nothing worse than sitting close to other students in a full class and worrying about your odor more than the lecture. Keep it fresh with Secret Clinical Strength!

11. Magazines or books: When I'm stressing for a test or presentation, it helps to read about something I love. Since I'm a merchandising and digital retail major, what I love just so happens to be fashion and beauty! I'll flip through the latest magazine I've picked up and make a mental must-haves list or get some inspiration.
12. Day Designer, or planner: That's just a fancy name for "planner" but, even in the age of technology, I still love to write down my to-do lists and daily schedule in cute, organized planners!

13-15. SNACKS!: When I don't eat, I can get very hangry (hungry + angry). So, to prevent that spike in my emotions during lecture or while I'm working on a group project after class, I carry a few snacks from my apartment to keep my tummy happy. I always have the Simply Balanced sea salt popcorn in my pantry and some type of energy or granola bar. KIND bars are so yummy! Skip the soda and keep yourself healthy and hydrated with water.

What are your campus tote must-haves?

Leave a comment below and let me know what items never fail to make it in your bag! You can find all of my campus tote picks on Target.com and/or in stores!*

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