• Outfit of the Day | House of Harlow + Katydid Collection

    Outfit of the Day | House of Harlow + Katydid Collection

    It's been a while, but I'm back! Things are finally slowing down a bit, so I can focus a little more on blogging and sharing things with you! Today, I sealed the deal on my new apartment and took care of some other things that I'm excited to announce soon.

    My goal was to look casual chic, so I decided to pair some vibrant florals from the super popular Katydid Collection with the House of Harlow necklace I got in my RocksBox this month. I'm also sporting my new heels from Target that I never thought I'd receive so many compliments on...and they were on sale!

    Tank: Forever XXI | Cardigan: Katydid Collection | Jeans: Joes Jeans | Heels: Mossimo at Target | Necklace: House of Harlow from RocksBox

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  • 7.10.14 | Where is The Fashion Geek?

    I had a complete month to relax from a very successful Spring semester and now my busy schedule is back in full force. I've started working again for the summer at Nordstrom and I'm juggling two very important online courses, so I haven't posted very often since the beginning of July. I'm slowly but surely working on some new beauty reviews, collaborations, lookbooks, and outfits of the day posts in between my crazy schedule...but they're coming and you're going to love them! 

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  • LE TOTE Unboxing | 6.29.14

    Even though I am a serious fashion and beauty enthusiast, sometimes it's nice to have the stylist experience for myself. I recently signed up for a subscription box service called LE TOTE where I can get boxes of clothes and jewelry directly to my doorstep curated by a stylist! Plus, it's always nice to receive packages of goodies in the mail.

    I'm currently subscribed to the $49/month LE TOTE plan which includes 3 pieces of clothing and 2 pieces of jewelry. I can exchange my box as many times as I want during the month, and just keep my favorites for special member prices. Check out my first unboxing video to see which pieces I received!

    Want to try it out, too? Subscribe to LE TOTE and start building your wardrobe! 

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  • Beauty Review | Pool Boy x Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics


    Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics nail polish in 'Pool Boy' (it's the color you see on all of my nails except for the accent nail) from the May 2014 Popsugar Must-Have subscription box that I got from the Simple Skincare event hosted by Popsugar last weekend in Dallas. I decided to try this product first because I love nail polish!

    Pool Boy x Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

    Application + The Brush

    It may not seem like I should be reviewing the brush, but I've found that this really matters in the application of the nail polish. I've tried nail polishes with very thin brushes, but OCC's brush was very thick and round. At first it seemed like a good thing. I should be able to get more polish on the nail with each coat, right? False. While this was true, I found myself wiping a lot of excess polish from the brush on the rim of the bottle everytime I wanted to apply a new coat. And even still, large beads of polish would find its way to the tip of the brush and I would end up with so much polish on my nails that it seemed almost impossible to evenly spread it out. 

    Pigmentation + Color

    Two good coats of the nail polish will work just fine. I checked out their website and I loved the many colors that not only their polishes come in, but all of their makeup! If you think there's a color of a product that is impossible to find, OCC has it for sure. I was glad to see that Pool Boy didn't turn out to look completely different than it appeared in the bottle. It's a beautiful turquoise shade that doesn't have any glitter or shimmer. I'm always going for neutral colors, so this was a great color to twist things a bit for summer!


    The packaging for OCC is very simple. It came in a clear, plastic box and the bottle is a rectangular. I love beautiful packaging when it comes to makeup and nail polish, but I think the minimalistic look really fits the brand.


    With only a few chips to my manicure after almost a week, I think the duration of this formula is very good and I didn't even use a top coat! All I really need is a few touch-ups and I'm good to go. As a matter of fact, the photo of my mani (above) was taken about two days after I applied it! The nail polish is 100% vegan and cruelty-free which many polish brands have really embraced over recent years, and I'm sure that plays a huge part in how long the polish lasts.

    Where to Purchase + The Price ($)

    Although I pretty much received this one courtesy of Popsugar from their skincare event, I was curious and decided to check out the rest of their products and the nail polish on their website. The nail polish can be puchased at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and Sephora for $10 USD. Compared to other nail polishes I've purchased, $10 is an average and reasonable price. 

    Overall Rating: B+

    Overall, I really like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics nail polish -- the formula is great, the colors are fabulous, and the price is very reasonable. The only thing I absolutely disliked and thought was such a hassle was the brush. Literally after each nail, I felt like I wanted to give up, grab some remover, and just go bare-nailed. I'm really unsure if I'd buy OCC myself mainly because of the brush. If I did, I'd probably use a tester brush to get a smoother and more struggle-free application. My overall rating for OCC nail polish is a B+ since there were more positive factors than negative, but I would love to see a different application brush used.

  • FIRST LOOK: The Scandal Collection x The Limited

    Just this morning, The Limited released its latest secret. The company's head-of-design, Elliot Staples, has been collaborating on a new collection with costume designer Lyn Paolo and Emmy & Golden Globe nominated actress Kerry Washington to bring you the Scandal Collection inspired by ABC's drama series, Scandal.

    Although I haven't really watched the show, I am very excited to style every piece of this collection. I just might have to binge watch before the collection hits stores in late September! This is The Limited's first Hollywood collaboration and I think it's fantastic. We will see Olivia Pope's signature wardrobe translated into very modern and powerful look for the everyday woman. 

    I had the opportunity to personally style pieces from the summer collections with Elliot Staples back in April at the NorthPark Center grand re-opening in Dallas. He and his team truly design with the on-the-go working woman in mind. Each collection is very outfit driven; however, you can buy the entire collection and mix-and-match to literally style outfits for days!

    Here's a sneak peek of some of the official design sketches for the Fall 2014 Scandal collection:

    I love every piece of this outfit. What seems to be a tweed moto-miliary jacket with a hint of glam paired with wide-leg trousers, is very much so my style! c/o The Limited

    Remember what I said about mixing-and-matching? The same wide-leg trousers is paired with this fabulous belted trench coat that seems to be color inspired by Pantone's Misted Yellow. c/o The Limited

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