• The Fashion Geek is back!

    Since the beginning of July, I've been terribly busy -- the life of a college student. Super demanding summer classes and work have basically consumed my life leaving very little time for blogging. My last day working seasonal at Nordstrom was yesterday and I actually did very well in my summer courses, so now I'm back with tons to look forward to this season! I'll be covering a lot of events, showing off my personal style, catching up on my beauty reviews, and adding a new aspect of my life -- apartment living. There's a lot of new things that I'm bring to The Fashion Geek this year and I'm so excited to share them!

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  • Recap | Hosting the H&M Opening Event at Stonebriar Centre

    Last week I mentioned that I would be hosting the H&M opening event at Stonebriar Centre and it was a blast. I picked up my favorite Mocha Cookie Crumble frappuccino from Starbucks for a boost and headed to Frisco to get ready for the event. 

    First things first, I had to pick out my outfit. You can't host an H&M event without an H&M outfit! I wanted something bold that flattered my complexion and figure, still said "SUMMER", and could be transitioned into the fall. I went from edgy military tribal to to futuristic with a geometric flair in less than an hour! If you hurry, you can still find this trend in the front of your favorite H&M!

    The Winning #SELFIEs + Tweets

    Here are a few of the winning selfies and tweets from the winners during the event who got early access, a style consultation by me, and an outfit courtesy of H&M.

    Once the store opened, dozens of people flooded in to shop. I've never seen so many people in an H&M even on their busiest days! 

    Here a group photo with the #selfie contest winners after picking out all of their outfits! 

    It was so much fun to style the winners and help them find new pieces to add to their wardrobes. I am so glad that I was able to be apart of this event and had the opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite stores!

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  • AeroNow Recap | Aeropostale Relaunch [Photos]

    This year has proven to be the year of launches and relaunches for many retailers, but one relaunch I never expected was Aeropostale's last Monday. Weeks prior to the big relaunch, the company used very vague taglines like "AeroNow" and "Are you who you were a year ago?". This definitely sparked my curiousity because my generation grew up with Aeropostale but, as we hit high school and college, it felt as though we had outgrown the brand.

    I love that Aeropostale has evolved from middle school/high school style to college style. It's so refreshing to not see Aero logos on almost every piece! This week, I've been playing with some of the pieces I picked out during the launch and I've gotten so many compliments -- people have been completely shocked that my response is "Aeropostale" when they ask me "Where did you get that?". 

    These were so comfy and they fit me perfectly (which is so difficult to find), so I knew I had to buy a pair!

    Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite show on TV right now, so to see a full collection inspired by the characters had me so excited!

    YouTuber, Bethany Mota, is back with a new fall collection in her line for Aeropostale.

    Live Love Dream is Aeropostale's new athletic and loungewear brand that is very similar to PINK.

    This is a shot I took in Aeropostale's super cool fitting rooms. They were obviously telling me that I needed a pair of their jeans!

    I think I browsed the store and tried clothes on for over an hour trying to decide which pieces to settle on! Want to see the super cute pieces I picked out and how I styled them? Stay updated by following me!

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  • H&M at Stonebriar Centre Opening + Win a FREE Outfit

    I'm so excited to be partnering with H&M to welcome their newest Dallas location at Stonebriar Centre! I am always shopping at H&M, so I'm definitely stoked about this opportunity. I'd love to see some familiar and fresh faces in line at the opening! Plusyou'll have the opportunity to win exclusive early access to shop the store, a style consultation, and a head-to-toe outfit courtesy of H&M. All you have to do is be one of the first 5 take a selfie in line at the opening and tweet me @TheFashionGeek_ with the hashtag #HMStonebriar -- super easy! **Winners will be chosen at 11AM, but the store opens at noon**

    Are you excited about the opening? Leave a comment if you're attending!

  • RocksBox Jewelry | July 2014

    The month of July has been a super busy one, but I started another subscription box service just for jewelry called RocksBox! This was my first month and I absolutely loved it. My stylist curated a box based on my personal style and I was extremely excited to see some of the pieces I've been dying to wear! Even though you can exchange your RocksBox as many times a month as you'd like, I actually kept mine because I grew so attached.

    My stylist sent the House of Harlow Five Station necklace in black that I've been eyeballing for years and styled my box around that piece. She included this super cute Margaret Elizabeth ring that was a little big, but I switched it up and wore it on my pointer finger. The best deal in the entire box was the Urban Gem bracelet set -- there's another brand similar that sells the almost exact bracelets individually for the price of the entire set! 

    Since I loved RocksBox so much, I'm going to go ahead and exchange my box for another one this month and do an unboxing on my YouTube channel for August. I'm still contemplating the House of Harlow necklace because I loved it so much, but for only $20 a month you get three pieces of designer jewelry and you only pay for what you keep -- so it's worth it! 

    Check out RocksBox for yourself!

    Disclaimer: My RocksBox subscription was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.